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本文摘要:Unit 1 短语1.某人怎么了?


Unit 1 短语1.某人怎么了?What’s the matter/trouble/problem with...?= What’s wrong with...= What’s one’s trouble/problem?2..have a (high) fever 发(高)烧3.have a cough 咳嗽4.have a toothache 牙疼5.talk too much 说得太多6.drink enough water 喝足够的水7.have /get/catch a (bad)cold 得(重)伤风8.have a stomachache 胃疼9.have a sore back 背疼10.have a very sore throat 喉咙很是痛12.lie down and rest 躺下来休息13.hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶14.see a dentist 看牙医15.get an X-ray 拍X 光片16.take one’s temperature 量体温17.put some medicine on sth.伤口上敷药18.cut oneself 割伤某人自己19.feel very hot 感应很热20.have a headache 患头疼21.sound like 听起来像22.all weekend 整个周末=the whole weekend23.away from 远离24.in the same way以同样的方式 in different ways以差别的方式25.take a break/have a rest 休息一下26.go to a doctor 看医生27.save an old man 拯救一位老人28.go along 沿着……走29.see sb do sth 瞥见某人做了某事 see sb doing sth 瞥见某人正在做某事30.on the side of the road 在马路边31.shout for help 高声呼救32.24-year-old 24岁的33.without thinking twice 没有多想34.get off 下车 get on上车35.have a heart problem 有心脏病36.expect sb to do sth 期待某人做某事 37.to one’s surprise 使.......惊讶的38.be surprised at sth /be surprised that...对...感应惊讶39.be surprised to do sth 对...做某事感应惊讶40.thanks to 多亏了 ;由于 thanks for因...谢谢41.in time 实时 on time 准时42.save a life 挽救生命43.hit an old man 撞了一位老人44.get into trouble 陷入贫苦 make trouble 制造贫苦45.have trouble/problems/difficulty (in) doing sth 在做...方面有贫苦/问题/难题46.think of 想起、认为 think about思量 think about doing sth47.right away 连忙;马上= at once48.Because of+n.pron.由于…49.get out of 脱离;从……出来 50.hurt oneself 受伤51.fall down 摔倒52.put a bandage on sth.用绷带包扎53.run it under water 在水流下冲洗54.feel sick 感应恶心、不舒服55.have a nosebleed 流鼻血56.cut the knee 割伤膝盖57.put the head down 把头向后仰58.hurt his back 伤到了后背59.rest for a few days 休息几天60.get hit on the head 头部受到撞击61.get hit by a ball 被球击中62.get sunburned 晒伤 63.mountain climbing 爬山运动64.be used to doing sth.习惯做某事65.be used to do sth 被用于做某事66.used to do sth 已往经常做某事67.take risks 冒险68.in a ...situation 在...样的情形下69.sb run out of sth= sb use up sth 某人用完某物70.sth run out某物被用完71.be/get ready to do sth 准备好做某事72.cut up切碎 cut off 切除 cut down砍倒73.the importance of sth/ doing sth74.so...that 如此...以至于...75.so that ...= in order that...为了,以便于 76.be in control of 在...掌控下77.lose one’s life 丧命78.bandage himself 给他自己包扎79.keep on doing sth.继续或坚持做某事80.make a decision 做出决议81.go mountain climbing 去爬山82.give up doing sth放弃做某事83.have a serious accident遇到严重的意外84.give sb some advice 给某人一些建议85.mean v.意思是 meaning n.意思 meaningful有意义的 meaningless 毫无意义的86. What’s the meaning of... = What does...mean? ...的意思是什么87.mind doing sth 介意做某事88.breathe v.呼吸 breath n.呼吸Unit 2 短语1.clean up 扫除 Clean-Up Day 清洁日2.sick kids生病的孩子 feel sick/ill 感受不舒服3.stop hunger消除饥饿4.cheer sb up 使某人振奋5.give out =hand out 分发 give away赠送6.at the food bank 在食物分发站7.volunteer to do sth 自愿做某事8.after-school 课外的9.come up with= think up 想出10.put off doing sth 推迟做某事11.put up signs 张贴标志 put away收拾、整理 put out 扑灭 put on穿上12.call sb up 给某人打电话13.make a plan to do sth = plan to do sth 计划做某事14.an old people’s home 养老院15.help out with sth.资助解决难题16.care for 体贴;照顾17.live alone 独自居住 feel lonely感应孤苦18.be/arrive late for… 迟到19.a feeling of .......的感受20.such a/an +adj+n单= so+adj+a/an+n单 如此...的一个...21.satisfaction n.满足 satisfied adj.满足的22.be satisfied with 对...满足23.the look of......的心情24.joy 喜悦 joyful喜悦的 25.at the age of = when sb was ...years old 在......岁时26.try out for试用...27.go on a journey/trip去旅行28.at the same time同时29.book sale售书运动30.hand sth to sb= hand sb sth 把...递给...31.book lover书迷;书籍喜好者 read by oneself自读32.in one’s eyes 从...的眼中33.come true 实现(主语为梦想) achieve实现(主语为人)34.at least 至少35.make lots of money 赚许多钱36.be worried about=worry about 对…担忧37.in one’s free time在某人空闲时间里 38.raise money for homeless people 为无家可归的人筹钱;募捐39.move to another place 搬到另外一个地方40.take after=be similar to...与......相像;像 41.fix up=repair 修理;修补;解决42.set up 建设;设立43.disabled people 残疾人44.sb find/think/make+it+adj+to do sth 某人发现/认为/使得做某事...45.make a difference to对…有影响46.a friend of mine=one of my friends 我的一个朋侪47.be/get excited about sth/doing sth 对某事(做某事)而感应激动 48.a special trained dog 一只经由特殊训练的狗49.work out fine奏效Unit 3 短语1.do chores 做家务、做杂务2.do the dishes 洗餐具3.take out the rubbish 扔垃圾4.fold the clothes 叠衣服5.sweep the floor 扫地6.make the bed 整理床铺7.go out for dinner 出去吃晚饭8.stay out late 呆到很晚9.go to the movies 去看影戏10.get a ride 搭车 give sb a ride 让某人搭便车11.work on 从事 work out解决12.help out with 资助解决13.finish doing sth.完成做某事14.two hours of= two-hour = two hours’ 两小时的15.clean and tid y 洁净整洁16.no problem 没问题16.come home from school/ work 放学/下班回家17.be/ come back from shopping购物回来18.be back=return 返回 give back= return 送还19.throw down 扔下 throw away扔掉20.the minute= as soon as 一...就21.come over 过来22.take sb.for a walk 带某人去散步 go for a walk 去散步23.all the time 一直;总是24.be angry with sb.对某人生气25.solve the problem解决问题26.all day/evening =the whole day/evening 整日/夜27.help out around the house资助做家务28.shout back 高声回应29.walk away 走开30.share the housework 分管家务31.ask in surprise 惊讶地问32.neither+be/助/情+主语!...也不 so+be/助/情+主语! ...也一样33.neither of +n复数/代词复数+V单三 neither...nor...+V(就近原则)34.get something to drink 拿点喝的工具35.watch one show 寓目一个节目36.hang out with sb 和...一起闲逛37.pass sb.sth.=pass sth to sb 把某物通报给某人38.borrow sth from sb从某人那里借某物 lend sth to sb=lend sb.sth.把某物借给某人39.have time to do sth 有时间做某事 have no time to do sth 没有时间做某事40.a waste of... ...的浪费41.sb spend some time on sth 某人花费某些时间在...上 sb spend some time (in) doing sth 某人花费某些时间做某事 It takes sb some time to do sth 做某事花费某人某些时间 sth cost sb some money 某物花费某人某些钱 sb pay some money for sth 某人为某物支付某些钱42.There is no need for sb to do sth 对于某人而言没有须要做某事43.provide sb with sth = provide sth to sb 给某人提供某物 offer sb sth = offer sth to sb 给某人提供某物44.get good grades 取的好结果45.depend on 依靠、依赖46.develop one’s independence 造就某人的独立性47.develop v.生长 development n.生长 developing adj.生长中的 developed adj.蓬勃的48.depend v.依靠 dependence n.依赖性 dependent adj.有依赖性的49.independ v.独立 independence n.独立性 indenendent adj.独立的50.fair 公正的 unfair不公正的 fairness公正性51.do one’s part in doing sth52.have an idea 有主意 have no idea没有主意53.as a result 效果54.get sth.wet 使某物弄湿55.hate to do sth.讨厌做某事56.make sb.do sth.使某人做某事Unit 4 短语1.用于提建议的句型有:①What about doing sth? =How about doing sth? ….怎么样?②Why don’t you do sth?= Why not do sth? 为什么不呢?③Let’s do sth.让我们一起做某事吧。④Shall we/I do sth?我们做…好吗?⑤had better do/not do sth.最好做/不做某事⑥Will/Would you please do sth? 请你做…好吗?⑦Would you like to do sth? 你想去做某事吗?⑧Would you mind doing sth 你介意做某事吗?2.同意对方的建议时,一般用:Good idea./ That’s good idea.好主意OK/ All right./ Great 好/ 行/太好了Yes, please ./I’d love to 是的/ 我愿意I agree with you 我同意你的看法No problem 没问题Sure/ Of course/ Certainly 固然可以Yes, I think so 对,我也这样想3.对方的资助或要求表现委婉谢绝时,一般用:I don’t think so 我认为不是这样Sorry, I can’t 对不起,我不能I’d love to, but…I’m afraid…我愿意,但恐怕……4.get enough sleep拥有足够的睡眠5.allow sb.to do sth.允许某人做某事6.sb be allowed to do sth某人被允许做某事7.hang out with sb.与某人闲逛8.hang over 笼罩、悬挂9.take/ have after-school classes 到场课后领导班10.get into fight with somebody= have a fight with somebody=fight with somebody 和某人闹矛盾、打架11.write a letter to sb = write sb a letter 给某人写信12.find sb doing sth 发现某人正在做某事13.look through 浏览、检察 look for寻找 look over检查 look at 看.. look like看起来像 look after照顾 look out当心14.a big deal大事15.give sb some advice 给某人一些建议16.until midnight直到半夜17.get on/along (well) with sb 和某人相处(得好)18.relations between ...之间的关系19.communicate with sb= have/make a communication with sb 与某人交流20.argue with sb 与某人打骂 = have an argument with sb 21.elder brother 哥哥22.refuse to do sth 拒绝做某事23.instead of doing sth 取代做某事24.whatever= no matter what 无论什么25.offer to do sth 主动提出做某事26.explain sth to sb 向某人解释... explanation n.解释27.worry about sth = be worried about sth 担忧...28.leave+所在 脱离某地 leave for +所在 前往某地 leave sth+介词+所在 把某物遗留在某地29.be afraid/scared of doing sth= be afraid/scared to do sth 畏惧做某事30.not...any more= no more 不再31.a member of ...的的成员32.press 按、压 pressure压力33.compete v.竞争 competition n.竞争 compete with sb for sth 为某事和某人竞争34.continue to do sth go on doing sth35.compare with... 和...作比力36.compare...to... 把...比作...37.be busy with sth 忙于...38.be busy doing sth 忙着做某事39.cut out 删除 cut up切碎 cut into 切成 cut off切除40.It’s time for sth 到...时间了 It’s time to do sth 到...做某事的时间了41.be crazy about sth 对...热衷;对...着迷42.be good at= do well in 擅长 be good to= be friendly/nice to 对...好 be good for 对...有利益 be good with 善于应付、对...有措施43.agree to do sth 同意做某事 agree with sb 同意某人的意见44.in one’s opinion 就某人看来45.a few more days 再几天 基数词+more+n复数 = another+基数词+n复数 再几、又几46.turn down 关小 turn up开大 turn on 打开 turn off关掉47.spend time alone独自消磨时光48.give sb.a lot pressure 给某人很大压力49.free time activities业余运动50.learn exam skills学习应试技巧51.a typical American family 典型的美国家庭52.help each other相互资助53.stressed out过分紧张的 Unit 5 短语1.at the time of在...的时候2.in times of在...期间3.go off发出响声4.wake up醒来5.all of a sudden=suddenly突然6.take a hot shower洗热水澡7.start/begin to do sth= start/begin doing sth开始做某事8. pick up the phone= answer the phone 接电话9.pick up捡起10.wait sb to do sth等候某人做某事 wait for 等候11.at that time在那时12.strong wind强风 black clouds乌云13.feel like感受像 feel like doing sth喜欢做某事14.heavy storm 大的狂风雨 heavy snow/rain大雪、大雨15.rain/snow heavily雨下的大、雪下的大16.in the area在这个区域17.wood 木头 wooden木制的 woods 森林18.a piece of wood一块木头 pieces of wood 木块19.make sure 确保make sure to do sth务必做某事20.be sure of sth对......确信 be sure that 对......确信 be sure to do sth 对做某事确信21.flashlight 手电 candle 蜡烛 match 洋火22.beat against 敲打、拍 打23.have fun (in) doing sth做某事有兴趣 be fun to do sth做某事有兴趣 A serious storm 严重的狂风雨24.first= at the beginning起初、开始时 at last=in the end=finally最终、竣事时25.sleep 睡觉 sleepy瞌睡的 asleep睡着的 fall asleep 入睡 be asleep睡着的26.die down逐渐消失、逐渐削弱27.in a mess一团糟 fallen trees 倒下的树木 broken window 破损的窗子28.join+团体、组织 加入 join in +运动=take part in+运动 到场29.break apart把...离开30.be in bad shape 变形31.make one’s way to在某人去...的路上32.by/on the side of the road在路边33.walk by走过34.no wonder难怪35.cheer up使振奋、使兴奋 cheer on加油 cheer for为...欢呼36.hear of 听说 hear from sb=receive a letter from sb收到某人的来信37.important event重要事件38.in history在历史上39.shock v.使震惊 shocked adj.感应震惊的 be shocked to do sth对做某事感应震惊40.the rest of+n+v(与名词的单复数保持一致)41.silence n.平静 silent adj.平静的 in silence= silently平静地42.recently=lately最近43.take down拆除 terrorist 恐怖分子44.have meaning to对...有意义45.scary令人畏惧的 scared感应畏惧的46.tell the truth说实话47.go away脱离、消失48.编号:the+序数词+名词= 名词+基数词(首字母大写) the sixth grade= Grade Six 六年级Unit 6 短语1.in class在课堂上2.once upon a time 从前3.the other side另一边 other ways其他方式4.move the mountains移山 move to...移到...去5.work on doing sth.致力于做某事、从事 6. as soon as ......一……就…7.continue to do sth.继续做某事8.moved感动的9.take.....away带走10.remind sb of sth提醒某人想起... remind sb to do sth提醒某人做某事11.unless= if...not除非、如果不12.possible可能的 impossible不行能的13.send sb to...派某人去... send sb to do sth派某人去做某事14.work out=solve解决15.a little bit=a little= a bit =kind of有点16.different opinions差别的看法17.the first time第一次18.main character主要角色19.traditional chinese book传统的中国名著20.fact= actually事实上21.make 72 changes to对...举行72变22.turn...into/to把...酿成...23.hide sth from sb把...藏起来不让某人找到24.a magic stick一根魔棍25.at other times在其他时候26.come out出书27.the weak弱者28.prince 王子29.fit sb适合某人30.can’t/couldn’t stop doing sth情不自禁做某事 marry sb与某人完婚31.be/get married to sb与某人完婚32.all over the world= around the world全世界33.gold金子 silk 丝绸 emperor天子 underwear亵服34.keep sth for oneself将某物据为己有35.cheat欺骗36.walk through the city穿过都会37.the whole family= all the family全家38.hear sb do sth听见某人做了某事 hear sb doing sth听见某人正在做某事39.save拯救、节约、存40.in the moonlight在月光下41.with sb与某人一起42.be/get lost迷路43.find one’s way out找到某人的出路44.lead sb to领导某人去...45.lead sb to do sth领导某人做某事46.be made of由...制成(能看出原质料)47.be made from由...制成(看不出原质料)48.learn about相识49.brave勇敢的Unit 7 短语1.in the world在世界上2.square kilometer千米3.in size尺寸、巨细 deep深的 4.high 高的 height高度5.five meters long五米长 数词+单元名词+形容词6.any other+ n单数 任何其他... 7.desert沙漠 salt lake盐湖8.the biggest/ largest population最多的人口 Whar’s the population of ...? ...的人口是几多9.the second longest river第二长河10.It seems that... 似乎是... It seems+adj.+ to do sth 似乎做某事是...的 sb seem to do sth 某人似乎做某事是...的11. one of the oldest countries 最古老的国家之一12.feel free to do sth.随意地做某事13.on today’s Great Wall tour 在今天的长城旅行中14. the parts from the Ming Dynasty 明朝的部门15.ancient emperors 古代天子16.the main reason主要原因17.as you can see正如你所瞥见的18.as far as I know 据我所知19.man-made objects 人造物体20.part of.........的组成部门21.run along 延伸22.southwestern part of China 中国西南部23.thick clouds乌云、厚厚的云层24.cover笼罩、笼罩25.freezing weather condition 极冷的天气条件26.take in呼吸、吸入27.reach the top到达顶部28.the first man to do sth做某事的第一人29.succeed in doing sth乐成的做某事30.risk one’s life冒着某人的生命危险31.challenge oneself 挑战某人自己32.in the face of difficulties在面临难题时33.the spirit of ...的精神34.the forces nature 大自然的气力35.nature大自然 natural自然的36.weigh v.重 weight n.重量37.weigh+数词+单元名词 重... How much does...weigh? =What’s the weight of...? ...有多重?38.weigh many times more than 比...重许多倍39.live up to 活到40.at birth 出生时 birth n.出生 be born v.出生41.keeper 饲养员42.prepare sth for sb 为某人准备...43.adult panda 成年熊猫44.awake 醒着的 asleep睡着的45.run over to 跑向46.with excitement= in excitement 兴奋地47.walk into 撞上48.fall over 摔倒49.one’s own+n=n+of one’s own 某人自己的...50.feed 饲养、喂养51.a symbol of ...的标志、象征52.or so 约莫53.research center 研究中心54.every two years 每两年55.die from 死于56.illness 疾病 ill 生病的57.bamboo 竹子58.endangered wild animals 濒临灭绝的野生动物59.better understand 更好地明白60.the habits of ...的习性61.whale 鲸 oil油 sea life海洋生物62.jump out of the water跳出水面63.protect...from...掩护...不受...的伤害 protection n.掩护Unit 8 短语1.have been to去过某地2.have gone to去了某地3.treasure财富、财宝4.on the island在岛上5.What do you think of...? =How do you like...?认为...怎么样? = How is...? =What is...Like?6.go out to sea出海7.full of满是...的8.A be full of B A内里满是B9.A be filled with B A被B装满10.classic经典作品 classical经典的11.grow up发展 grow vegetables种蔬菜12.choose-chose-chosen 选择 choice n.选择13.on page 25 在25 页14.at least至少15.the back of the book16.hurry up快点 hurry to do sth= do sth in a hurry快点做某事17.be due预期 book report念书陈诉18.in two weeks两周之后、两周之内19.for two weeks两周20.bring back带回21.cut down砍倒22.the marks of one’s feet 某人的足迹23.on the sand 在沙滩上24.not long after that在那之后不久25.run towards朝着...跑26.science fiction科幻小说27.technology科技28.can’t/ couldn’t wait to do sth 迫不及待的做某事29.pop music盛行音乐30.sounds like听起来像31.fight with sb和某人打架 fight over 为...争吵32.abroad 在外洋 go abroad出国33.full of feelings about returning home 充满思乡之情的34.come to do sth逐渐做某事、终于做某事 come to realize逐渐意识到35.actually= in fact事实上36.ever since=since自从 ever since then自从那时开始37.a fan of ...的迷、粉丝38.the home of... ...的家乡39.belong to=be ...’s 属于40.be kind to=be friendly/be good to 对...好41.each other= one another 相互42.beauty漂亮 beautiful漂亮的 beauty of nature 大自然的漂亮43.do research on... 做关于...的研究44.the number of ...的数量 the number of+n复数+v单数45.a number of 大量的、许多的 a number of +n复数+v复数46.take notes 做条记47.introduce v.先容 introduction n.先容 introduce...to... 把...先容给...48. sb looks good in sth 某人穿上...看起来悦目 sth looks good on sb 某物穿在某人身上悦目49.at the end of 在...竣事的时候 at the beginning of 在...开始的时候50.take...classes 上...课Unit 9 短语1.has/have been to 去过某地 has/have gone to去了某地 has/have been in 在某地2.space museum太空博物馆 science museum科学博物馆 nature museum自然博物馆3.amusement娱乐 amusement park 游乐场4.water park 水上公园5.Bored感应无聊的,厌烦的 boring无聊的6.Me too我也一样=so+be /助/情+主 Me neither我也不=neither+be /助/情+主7.Camera照相机 learn about相识8.Invent v.发现 invention n.发现 Inventor n.发现家9.Lead(led) to 引起、导致10.Camp in the mountains在山里野营11.Put up a tent 搭建帐篷12.Information n.(不行数)信息13.Unbelievable 难以置信的14.Technology 科技15.Progress 进步 make great progress 取得庞大的进步16.In such a rapid way 以如此迅速的方式17.Rapid adj.迅速的 Rapidly adv.迅速地18.Wonder= want to know 想知道19.Unusual不寻常的 usual寻常的As usual 像往常一样20.National国家的 International 国际的21.Toilet茅厕、马桶22.Encourage sb to do sth勉励某人做某事23.Social adj.社会的 social group社会群体Society n.社会24.Peaceful 宁静的,平静的Peace 宁静25.Tea art performance 茶艺演出 Make a perfect cup of tea冲泡一杯完美的茶 Beautiful tea sets 精致的茶具26.Preparation 准备事情 prepare 准备 Prepare to do sth= be ready to do sth 准备做某事 Prepare sth for sb 为某人准备某物27.Enjoyable令人享受的,令人愉悦的28.Collect v.收集、收藏Collection n.收藏、收藏品29.Inprove 提高、改善、促进30.A couple of times 两次31.German 德国的、德语、德国人 Germans 德国人(复数) Germany 德国32.Ride 骑、供乘骑的游乐设施、短途旅程Ride a bike骑自行车Ten-minute ride/ ten minutes’ ride十分钟的旅程Go for a ride去兜风33.Theme 主题34.Tour 旅游 tourist游客 touristy游客多的35.In Southeast Asia在东南亚36.Safe宁静的 safety宁静37.Take a holiday度假38.On the one hand......on the other hand一方面......另一方面39.分数表达法:先分子,后分母;分子基,分母序;分子>1,分母加s 2/3 two thirds 1/2 one half 1/4 a quarter 3/4 three quarters分数+ of+ n(复数)+ v (复数)分数+ of+ n不行数)+ v (单数)40.Simply 仅仅、只 simple简朴的41.English-speaking country 讲英语的国家42.Outside of China 外洋、外洋43.Fear to do sth= be afraid/ scared to do sth = be afraid/ scared of doing sth畏惧做某事44.Whether......or...... 岂论......还是......45.During the daytime 在白昼 In the dark 在黑黑暗、在夜里46.It’s/this is the best time to do sth 做某事的最佳时间47.In a more natural environment在更自然的情况中48.All year round全年、一年四季49.Be close to 离......近 Be far from 离......远50.Equator 赤道Unit 10 短语1. In the yard在院子里 Have a yard sale举行庭院拍卖会 At/ in the yard sale在庭院拍卖会2. Sell v.卖,出售 sale n.卖3. Bring back sweet memories 勾起甜蜜的回忆4. Memory n.影象、回忆 memories(复数) Memorize v.影象5. in need有需要的 People in need有需要的人6. Cent 分、分币 50 cents50分币7. Toy 玩具 toys(复数)8. Soft adj.柔软的 soft toys毛绒玩具9. Bread maker面包机10. Scarf 围巾 scarves(复数)11. Fit sb适合某人12. A couple of months=several/a few months 几个月13. Check out 检查、检察 look through 浏览14. Board game棋牌游戏15. Junior high school 低级中学 Primary school小学16. Seem to do sth Seem to be+n./adj. It seems that......17. Clear out清理18. No longer= not...any longer不再...(常接延续性动词,表现状态、时间不再延续) No more= not...anymore不再...(常接短暂性动词,表现水平、次数不再增加)19. Play with sb和某人玩耍 Play with sth玩......20. Own v.拥有 owner n.拥有者 Own adj.自己的 One’s own+n=n+of one’s own My own book= a book of my own21. Part with与...离开22. A thain and railway set一套火车铁轨23. Understanding 善解人意的 More understanding更善解人意的24. Certain toys某些玩具 Be certain to do sth对做某事确信 =Be certain of doing sthBe certain of sth对...确信 Be certain that.....确信......25. as for至于26. To be honest= to be truthful= to tell (you) the truth实话说27. Honest adj.老实的Dishonest adj.不老实的An honest man一个老实的人28. Truth n.事实 truthful adj.真实的 Truthfully adv.真实地29. For a while= for some time一会儿30. Do with处置惩罚、看待 How do you do with......?31. Bridge桥32. Hill 小山 on the hill在小山上33. In one’s hometown在某人的家乡34. Once or twice year一年一到两次35. Nowadays现如今36. Search for sth搜寻 Search sp.for sth搜某个地方找......37. Among在...中(三者或三者以上) Between在...之间(两者)38. Crayon factory彩笔厂39. Return to sp.回到某个地方 Return home回家40. Almost=close to=nearly险些、快要41. Shame n.羞耻、羞愧It’s a shame.真内疚What a shame何等内疚啊42. With great interest以极大的兴趣 Regard with great interest以极大的兴趣关注43. Regard ...as... 把......视为44. Appear v.泛起 disappear v.消失45. Add 增添 Add sb 某人增补道46. Century世纪 The mid-20th century 20世纪中期 In the 20th century 在20世纪47. Stay the same 一成稳定 Stay at home待在家里48. According to 凭据、依据49. Opposite= accross from在......劈面50. Especially adv.尤其,格外,特别 Especially good 格外好51. During the summer holidays在暑假期间52. A happy chilehood一个快乐的童年53. In one’s heart在某人的心中 In our heart 在我们的心中54. Hold-held-held 拥有、抓住 Hold ...in one’s arms把...抱在怀里Hold on please.请等一下55. Consider v.注视、思量、认为 Consider doing sth 思量做某事 Consider ...as ... 把...当做接待关注微信民众号:中学高分宝典。





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